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The new Fortnite Harbinger set was leaked

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Posted on: 10/05/18

If you donít adorned blame some assurance as a soccer superstar, accede the Magnus skin. The barbate viking is accessible in the boutique today too, but heíll set you aback 2,000 V-Bucks. He comes with a absurd featherlike cape though, which is one of those aback blings that can be acclimated with a lot of altered skins. Thereís aswell the Forebearer pickaxe which is one of the best pickaxes in the game items in the boutique awning the Twist emote for 500 V-Bucks, the Cipher derma for 1,200 and the Plunja pickaxe for 800. If youíre not traveling to adeptness bank 100 by the end of the season, you can aswell aces up 10 activity canyon tiers for 900 V-Bucks. In added Fortnite news, the Abutting Encounters LTM has alternate for squads! The cube has aswell attenuated into Boodle Basin - if you absent it, watch the blow here.

Fortnite Items: Activity Royale Division 6 is just canicule abroad from its absolution date, but in the concurrently developer Epic Amateur is set to cycle out some appealing candied new items. A contempo aperture reveals an alarming new Fortnite Harbinger set that will about-face your appearance into a chill Viking, including a new glider advised to attending like a badass ice dragon.The new Fortnite Harbinger set was leaked by @Fortnite_BR, which acclimated datamining to cull some hidden images and abstracts from the latest in-game amend (version 5.41). Beyond the new glider, thereís aswell some candied aback bling that will about-face you into the dragon with a brace of chill dejected wings, forth with a abounding appearance derma that appears to be some array of mystical Viking warrior.


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