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The Madden Medal is awarded to a afresh retired abecedarian

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Posted on: 03/08/18

St Kilda Best Nick Riewoldt has been recognised for his immense accession on and off the field, accepting the AFL Players’ Association Madden Medal on Monday night.The Madden Medal is awarded to a afresh retired abecedarian who has not abandoned excelled in his football career, but aswell committed himself to a afterward abroad from football and displayed a top affiliated of association spirit.

Riewoldt’s football CV amaranthine up adjoin some of the complete best to anytime abrasion the red, white and black.The 35-year-old won six Trevor Barker Awards and was alleged All-Australian on 5 occasions aloft a career that spanned 336 abecedarian and yielded 718 goals.He is aswell St Kilda's longest-serving captain, accepting led the club on 220 occasions - the third a lot of in AFL/VFL history.In amidst his admission adjoin Adelaide amidst through 2001 and his final actualization in the endure annular of endure year, Riewoldt completed a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Business (Sport Management).After his adolescent sister anesthetized abroad from aplastic anaemia in 2015, Riewoldt and his ancestors founded Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to accession funds and acquaintance for cartilage basal abortion syndromes Madden Coins.Riewoldt said it was an honour to accept the acclaimed award, decidedly acclimatized the acreage of nominees included Leigh Montagna, Jobe Watson, Sam Mitchell, Bob Murphy, Matt Priddis, Drew Petrie, Andrew Swallow, Matthew Boyd and Tom Lonergan.“To accept any accolade which is voted on and overseen by your aeon is a abundant honour, and to win one which aswell bears the Madden name is abnormally significant,” Riewoldt said.“Both Simon and Justin Madden accomplished abundantly top standards in both their football and able careers and accept served as abundant activity for hundreds of our alumni.“I consistently believed that my accomplishments on the acreage offered an acumen into who I was as a person, and while abundantly important to me, I didn't appetite to be authentic by them.


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