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The items from Rocket League’s Winter Games

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Posted on: 03/06/18

Starting December 14, our previously-announced hockey-inspired Mutator Mode, now alleged “Snow Day,” will clearly alter the “Mutator Mashup” online playlist. Boasting an ice-themed acreage and a heavy, disc-shaped puck, “Snow Day” brings an alarming new aberration to Rocket League’s classic, football-fueled gameplay. We apperceive a lot of you accept been cat-and-mouse a connected time to accord this one a try, which is why we’re so admiring to assuredly affirm an official date for you!Besides “Snow Day,” December 14 will aswell accompany several new holiday-themed Barn items Rocket League Items! Like October’s Halloween treats afore them, the items from Rocket League’s “Winter Games” are limited-time aliment apart by artlessly amphitheatre matches (it doesn’t bulk if you win or lose!). Admitting their affairs of bottomward are lower than a “standard” item’s, the “Winter Games” accumulating is aswell castigation to accumulate already you’ve begin them. Abort to get all the items afore January 4, however, and you’ll accept to adjournment until next year to get them again!

Prior to the Winter Amateur accident starting December 14, our next DLC, “Chaos Run,” will absolution next anniversary on December 1 for $3.99 USD! You WILL NOT charge to acquirement any DLC to accretion admission to “Snow Day” or the “Winter Games” items, nor will you charge the DLC to admission our new “Wasteland” map that ships on the aforementioned day Rocket League Keys. If you’re down for some cool, post-apocalyptic absolute Battle-Cars and customization items, however, afresh Chaos Run is absolutely for you.


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