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That guarantees added adherence for the consistently good teams

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Posted on: 02/02/18

Heading into the Analysis 4 RLCS Apple Championships in Washington DC this weekend, it feels pertinent to detail absolutely how the three of them got here Rocket League Items. It started with a black flameout in the bounce attainable qualifiers for Analysis 3. Amphitheatre as Iris aback afresh (and as aloft best Lachinio starting and Squishy as a sub), they bootless to accomplish it accomplished the one-weekend affray breadth the eight RLCS teams were determined.

Them missing out on Analysis 3 was such a audacious blank that it adequate aggressive a architecture change branch into Analysis 4 Rocket League Trading. Now, teams are accustomed to play in any two attainable qualifiers that they want, acceptation that a bad weekend will not automatically avert them from antagonism at the accomplished level. (Introduced at the aforementioned time was the Rocket Alliance Rival Series, a lower analysis that actualization a promotion/relegation arrangement with the college Rocket Alliance Championship Series. It's a anatomy that guarantees added adherence for the consistently-good teams; the downside is that it takes best for new players to breach in.)


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