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MapleStory M was bulk one a allotment of the a lot of assisting amateur

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Posted on: 09/18/18
Los Angeles (USA) - August 1 BUSINESS WIRE - MapleStory M, a two-dimensional adventitious adaptable bold for iOS and Android, has accomplished a alpha of three actor downloads a anniversary afterwards the all-around launch In Apple App Affluence MapleStory M was bulk one a allotment of the a lot of assisting amateur in 5 countries, including Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, and entered the top ten amateur in 11 countries. In some countries, this adaptable bold has accomplished the top rankings aswell on the Google Play Store, baronial aboriginal in Singapore, the added in Taiwan, the fourth - in Malaysia and the sixth - in Thailand. In the US, it ranked 45th a allotment of the amateur that accomplish the a lot of revenue, and the third - a allotment of the a lot of accepted role-playing amateur in the Apple App Store. The bold is aswell on the 46th abode a allotment of the a lot of assisting amateur and in third abode a allotment of the role-playing amateur on the Google Play Store. In affiliation with the admission of the alpha of three actor downloads MapleStory M Mesos arranges in the bold a acclimatized accident that starts today, July 31, at 19:00 Pacific time and will endure until August 10 23:59 Pacific Time. The players who admission the bold during this aeon will acquire rewards, including 10 Orange EXP Admission Tickets (15 min.), 300 MP-elixirs v4.0 and 300 HP elixirs v4.0.


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